Day of Action - scramblers seized

17 Apr 24

South Dublin County Council (SDCC)  assisted the Gardaí from the Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR) South and DMR West Divisions who conducted a Day of Action on Thursday 11 April 2024, targeting electric motorbikes suspected of being used in criminal activity including drug dealing, money laundering, transporting firearms, Drug Related Intimidation (DRI) and other serious offences.

These electric motorbikes are often driven on footpaths, parks and laneways in order to avoid detection by An Garda Síochána and have caused immense damage to our natural environment in South Dublin County area. During the Day of Action, 19 search teams, comprising 120 members of An Garda Síochána, searched 40 properties. During the searches, the following items were seized:

Ten  Surron electric motorbikes, Twelve motorbikes and scramblers, Twelve electric bicycles and e-scooters and Three quad bikes.


SDCC will continue working with and assisting An Garda Síochána. We'd like to extend our thanks to the Gardaí for conducting these searches, which contribute to the safety of our estates, parks, and green spaces.


 Image courtesy of An Garda Siochana