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Mayor’s Protocol

Mayor’s Protocol

Guidelines and Arrangements for the Mayor of South Dublin County Council An Méara Chomhairle Chontae Átha Cliath Theas

The following guidelines set out the appropriate arrangements and protocol when writing to or receiving, the Mayor of South Dublin Council.

The Mayor is the first Citizen of South Dublin County Council and ranks second only to the President of Ireland in South Dublin. At official occasions or functions, the Mayor always ranks first within the County.

Although the Mayor only is mentioned for the most part, these guidelines also apply to the Deputy Mayor where appropriate. The title Mayor refers to male or female.

In writing to the Mayor, the appropriate form of address is:
The Mayor of South Dublin County Council (name) and other qualifications
In spoken introductions to others the Mayor is referred to as “the Mayor of South Dublin County Council” or “Mayor, Councillor (name)”

The Event


  • For functions or meetings of any kind, the Mayor should receive, well in advance, a list of people in attendance for example the President, Taoiseach and other dignitaries
  • The Mayor should appoint a representative councillor if he or she cannot attend
  • The Mayor will generally arrive by car and a convenient parking space should be reserved beforehand by the host.
  • The name of hostand / or his / her representative should be supplied to The Mayor’s office beforehand.

If speeches are being made, the introduction at the opening remark by the Hosts puts The Mayor first. If the Mayor is to speak, he / she is called upon to speak first or last, whichever is appropriate.

If the hosting organisation is issuing a Press Release, a copy should be forwarded to The Mayor’s office in advance. The Mayor will be happy to supply a quote to be included in the Press Release – please contact The Mayor’s Office.


The Mayor should be received at the entrance by the Host or his / her representative.

On arrival The Mayor should be escorted by the Host or his / her representative to the function or event and introduced to the people associated with the event.


The host, or his / her representative, should accompany The Mayor at all times and facilitate introductions together with guiding him / her to the speaker’s rostrum if an address is to be made.

If seating is to be employed The Mayor should be seated in accordance with their position as First Citizen of the County.


At the conclusion of the function, The Mayor should be escorted to his / her car by the host or his / her representative.

Further enquiries regarding these guidelines or other related arrangements should be made to the staff at The Mayor's Office, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Telephone 01 414 9031.