Neurodiverse South

Neurodiverse South

What is the Neurodiverse South Project?

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Neurodiverse South is designed to offer support to children and adults with learning difficulties, disabilities, or more significant needs. Based across six of our branches, this specialised collection of toys, software and assistive technology can be accessed free of charge in branches throughout South Dublin County and can be borrowed or utilised by joining up at any South Dublin County library branch. Items in the catalogue can be collected by the borrower at their nearest branch library. Membership is free to any individual who lives, works or goes to school in South Dublin County. Terms and Conditions of use apply.

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The project also includes a training element which is our annual series of free lectures and workshops. These events offer further guidance, support and networking opportunities for parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

For up-to-date details of future talks and events relating to the Neurodiverse South Project please email us and ask to join the mailing list at

Attendance at events organised is free of charge and open to everyone but advance booking is required.