Dublin Urban Rivers Life Reeds



Project Milestones

Name of the milestoneNumber of the associated action
SDCC and DLR pilot projectsB2
Irish Local Authorities pilot projectsB2
EU Local Authorities pilot projectsB2
12,000 homes inspected year 4B3
3,000 homes inspected year IB3
7,000 homes inspected year 2B3
10,000 homes inspected year 3B3
6 events will be held in Year 1, 8 in Year 2 and 11 in year 3D1
Water Qaulity in Urban River Policy ConferenceD3
5 ICWs installedB4
Map showing areas of potential ICW sites within SDCC and DLRCC areasB5
Procedural tool for the integration of ICWs into future planning (EU Local authorities)B5
LIDAR and GIS data of DLRCC and SDCC areasB5
Presentation of tool to final project conferenceB5
SDCC and DLR Pilot ProjectsB1
Irish Local Authority Pilot ProjectsB1
EU Local Authority Pilot ProjectsB1
Project Team RecruitedA1
Opening of Project OfficeA1


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