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Access to Information

Access to Information

South Dublin County Council is committed to making  information available to the public through publications, annual report, minutes of Council meetings etc. Information is also made available through Planning & Environment Legislation.

The Council has produced a Publication Scheme under Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014  Publication Scheme | South Dublin County Council which includes general information about the Council, information on  functions and  services provided, information on decision making procedures, financial information, procurement information and other miscellaneous information.

South Dublin County Council seeks to promote the economic, social and cultural development of the County and in doing so contribute significantly to improving the quality of life of the people of South Dublin County.

The delivery of high-quality services, tailored to meet the needs of all our customers, remains one of South Dublin County Council’s core objectives and is included in our Corporate Plan. This quality service includes not only the level and quality of service given to our customers but also the quality of our decision-making processes, the efficiency and effectiveness of our corporate operations, standard of our facilities and our ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment.

To provide the most effective and targeted range of services to meet the needs of the citizens, communities and businesses of South Dublin County we will be required to collect, process and use certain types of information about people and organisations. Depending on the service being sought or provided, the information sought may include ‘personal data’ as defined by the Data Protection Acts and by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and may relate to current, past and future service users; past, current and prospective employees; suppliers; and members of the public who may engage in communications with our staff. In addition, staff may be required, from time to time, to collect, process and use certain types of personal data to comply with regulatory or legislative requirements.