Health services in Ireland are delivered by Ireland’s public healthcare service - the Health Service Executive (HSE). You can get the same public healthcare services as people who live in Ireland.

Everyone coming to Ireland under the Temporary Protection Directive is also entitled to a medical card. A medical card allows you to visit a doctor for free, access other health services and get medicines at a reduced price. Children aged over 16 must apply for a medical card separately.

You should apply for your medical card using a special medical card application form (pdf) for people from Ukraine. The medical card application form is also available in Ukrainian (pdf) and Russian (pdf). You can email your completed form to or by post to the address on the form.

You need:

  • Your name, current address and date of birth.
  • Your Personal Public Service (PPS) number (see above).
  • Your doctor’s (GP’s) address, stamp and signature. If you do not know any GPs, one will be assigned to you and your family.

In 9 months, time, you will have to make a full application for a medical card. This will include a full financial assessment or means test.

You can get information about health care services in Ireland from the HSE website. You can also read about the Irish health system in Ukrainian (pdf) and in Russian (pdf).

Vaccinations in Ireland

Vaccinations help to protect you and your children against preventable infectious diseases. Many vaccinations are free in Ireland. You can read information about the vaccines available from the HSE for you and your children in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

You can read more about vaccinations in Ireland here.