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Road Application Forms

Road Application Forms

Applications forms are required for a variety of road functions, which are available below:-

Road Opening Licence

A Road Opening Licence is required for any works to be carried out in a public area e.g. footpath, grass, open space, parks etc. Applications for Road Opening Licenses can be applied through the MRL website

Temporary Road Closure

Temporary Road Closures are required to facilitate road works, road races, festivals etc.  Completed application forms must be submitted 5 weeks prior to the road closure.  Advertisement costs must be covered by the applicant.

Hoarding Licences

A Hoarding Licence is required to facilitate building works and to ensure safety for the public.  Completed application forms must be submitted 3 weeks prior to works commencing.

Directional Signs

A licence is required to authorise the use of advertisement signs/structures or tables on public roads, (aka Directional Signs). Completed application forms must be submitted for assessment. 

Abnormal Loads Permit

A Special Permit is required by any haulage vehicles which are considered to be either Wide, Long or Heavy and travelling on the roads in South Dublin County Council administrative area.  Completed application forms must be submitted 7 day prior to commencement of the journey.

NOTE Separate permits are required from Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Wicklow County Council and Kildare County Council when travelling within their administrative area.

Roads and Services Taken in Charge Certificates

South Dublin County Council can issue certification confirming whether or not the roads and services abutting particular property/site are in charge of local authority.

Requests for TIC Certs/Change of address letters can only be issued following a written request to Roads Maintenance Section, South Dublin County Council, Town Centre, Tallaght D24 with a cheque/postal order in the sum of €88.00 made payable to South Dublin County Council.

Map with the property clearly marked must be also enclosed.

Requests for TIC certs will take a minimum of three weeks to process.  This due to the volume of requests. 

  • Confirmation of the TIC status in the residential areas can only be issued regarding roads and services directly adjacent to the property in question.
  • TIC letters for purposes other than sale of the property must include map showing exact location (section of the road/footpath marked between point A and B).
  • Confirmation of change of address can be issued with a Taken in Charge Cert for the same property on one letter within the €88.00 fee.

Temporary COVID Street Furniture License

All applications for a Temporary COVID 19 Street Furniture Licence may be made Free of Charge.  Applications must be made on the official application form below and must be accompanied by all the necessary documentation and photographs.

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