Housing Online

The Council will launch a new Integrated Housing System (IHS) in January 2021. This is part of our ongoing digital transformation to provide the best possible service to our citizens. The launch will be the accumulation of over two years of work by a dedicated project team.

The IHS will bring many benefits to citizens, customers, staff and the organisation as a whole. The system has an online self-service area that is fully mobile responsive so housing customers will be able to self-serve 24/7 on any device. Housing applicants and tenants can submit online application forms and will be able to send messages and update their details directly.

Tenants will be able to view all their accounts with the housing department as well as submit and track repair requests anytime. Choice Based Letting (CBL) access on the new system will allow for a quick review of submitted expressions of interest. CBL along with the ‘my account’ feature will be available soon with the remaining service areas following shortly after. Once fully introduced, the new system will improve our service to customers and our support to stakeholders, especially our local Elected Members and will benefit staff and the Council generally with improved reporting, real-time information and more flexibility supporting enhanced and faster decision making.

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