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Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan

About the Plan

The aim of South Dublin County Council is to make our county the best possible place in which to live, work and do business. The Corporate Plan 2015-2019 provides the vision and strategic direction for the South Dublin County Council over the next five years.

Core Values

Councillors and staff of South Dublin County Council are guided by and committed to the following core values in their everyday activities.

Value for Money

We will use Resources efficiently and will continually assess and evaluate our performance.

Accountability and Transparency

We will communicate openly with people and will be transparent in all decision-making.

Quality Service

We will provide an accessible, courteous, consistent, impartial and responsive service. We will operate a citizens' charter that includes a complaints and redress system to underpin this commitment.


We will act in a sustainable way in relation to finance, the environment, community affairs and socio-economic issues. Sustainability means meeting the needs of people today without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Inclusiveness, Equality and Accessibility

We will prioritise social inclusion, equality of access and opportunity, solve problems and will encourage the people, groups and organisations we work with to take a similar approach.


During consultations with the public and key stakeholders to prepare this Corporate Plan, a number of themes emerged. These themes cut across various services and activities, and have influences the objectives of this plan. They are outlined below.

Economic Development

Economic development is at the heart of everything we do. It embraces community development, employment creation, equality of opportunity, social equality and all that contributes to our quality of life.

Quality of Life - Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of the people of South Dublin County are a measure of our success as a society. As a local authority, we can influence physical and mental wellbeing in terms of social inclusion, recreation activities, library services, employment creation, housing supply, community infrastructure and financial supports.

Social Inclusion

Equality of opportunity and access to opportunities are central to any just society. Social inclusion and integration programmes for Travellers, older people, immigrants, people with special needs and the less well-off will remain central to all policy decisions.

Citizen Engagement

For local government to be successful, local people must get involved in developing a shared vision for our future. We will continue to consult and engage with local people, organisations and businesses in relation to all our projects and programmes.

Collaboration With Others

We cannot deliver this plan on our own. We will look for help from the community and voluntary sector, business, government and beyond to deliver the best outcomes for everyone.

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