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Wetland Planning Development

Wetland Planning Development

Action B5. Using geospatial evaluation create, a policy making procedure to incorporate ICW construction into existing and future housing development zones in the South Dublin County and Dun Laoighaire Rathdown County and use this information to support the decision making tool. This will demonstrate how policy meets planning meets operations in an effective way.

Implementation of Action 5 in the administrative areas of SDCC and DLR will identify potential ICW locations to treat storm water run-off from residential zoned land catering for 74,000 housing units. If today’s domestic misconnection patterns and rates are replicated into the future and these zoned areas then there is a potential for an additional 6,000 misconnection loadings to the small rivers and streams in both counties. Through Action 5 identifying potential sites and exploring policies to assist ICWs installation in the future to prevent water quality deterioration.


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