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Elections and Voting

Elections and Voting

Elections and Voting


Applications to be included in the 2019-20 Register of Electors is now Closed.

Your Vote is important – please check the Register for 2019/2020 to ensure you are registered correctly at

The Register of Electors came into force on was published on the 1st of February 2019 and comes into force on the 15th February 2019 and is used at each election and referendum held in the succeeding 12 months. In order to be able to vote at an election or referendum, a person’s name must be entered on the Register of Electors for the locality in which they ordinarily reside. It is important that you check that your details/voting status is correct and that you are registered only once.

Supplement to the Register:

If a person is not included in the Register of Electors currently in force, they may apply for entry in the Supplement to the Register by completing an RFA2 form, application for inclusion in the 2019-20 Supplement to the Register of Electors or an RFA3 form application for inclusion in the 2019-20 Supplement to the Register of Electors (Change of Address Form) whichever is applicable. If you have received Irish Citizenship you need to complete and return the RFA5 form to have your voting status changed. See below to download these forms.

Persons entered in the Supplement are entitled to vote at elections/referenda held during the duration of the Register in force. Being on the Register does not automatically entitle a person to vote in All elections– please see “Voting Rights”. Any individual entered in the Supplement will automatically be entered in the Register of Electors published the following February. The statutory provisions relating to the registration process are contained primarily in Part II of, and the Second Schedule to, the Electoral Act 1992. However, amendments to registration rules and procedures have been enacted in further legislation.

Postal Voters and Special Voters:

If you are unable to vote at your polling station for any of the following reasons you may apply to go on the Postal or Special Voters’ List if:

  • you have a physical disability / illness and living at home,
  • you have a physical disability / illness and living in a hospital or similar institution,
  • your occupation, service or employment, or place of study would prevent you from voting in person,
  • you are detained in prison.

Please return all forms to :

The Franchise Section
Corporate Performance and Change Management
South Dublin County Council
County Hall
Town Centre
D24 YNN5

The Local Electoral Area breakdown is as follows:

Local Electoral AreaNo. of Electors Registered
Palmerstown -Fonthill25,054
Tallaght Central29,370
Tallaght South22,367

The Constituency breakdown is as follows:

ConstituencyNo. of Electors Registered
Dublin Mid-West76,120
Dublin South Central8,013
Dublin South West110,364

Any person may inspect the Register of Electors for electoral purposes during working hours at the offices of South Dublin County Council and at public libraries, post offices and Garda Stations.

All forms can be downloaded below

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