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Traffic Management Centre

ANPR & CCTV for Traffic Management

South Dublin County Council’s Traffic Management Centre is responsible for the management of traffic operations within the administrative area of the Local Authority.

It does this by utilising Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) systems and CCTV monitoring of the road network within the administrative area of the local authority.

UTMC systems are designed to allow the different applications used within modern traffic management systems to communicate with a central common database. This allows previously disparate data from multiple sources such as UTC / SCOOT / RMS traffic signals control, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) devices, Variable Message Signs (VMS), car parks, air quality monitoring stations and meteorological data, to be amalgamated into a central common database. UTMC maximizes road network potential to create a more robust and intelligent system that can be used to meet current and future management requirements

ANPR Devices

The data collected from the ANPR devices provides real-time route measurement and an up to date model of the traffic flows on the road network. The resulting journey times are used for incident detection as well as forming part of strategies for traffic control i.e. timing and sequencing control at traffic signals. These are invaluable for modelling new or verifying traffic control schemes. This is part of the overall management of the roads network within the administrative area of South Dublin County Council.

CCTV Cameras

As part of the management of the roads network within the administrative area of South Dublin County Council there are CCTV cameras installed on major routes and junction intersections.

Traffic monitoring CCTV cameras provide a Live feed into South Dublin County Council’s Traffic Management Centre.

Recording from these cameras is possible and is in operation only in areas of interest where the Local Authority has received complaints re traffic signal operations or where there have been reported incidents or if an incident is observed on the roads network.

Data Retention

Data from the ANPR devices is permanently deleted on midnight on the day captured. South Dublin County Council does not retain the personal data captured (number plate) by the ANPR devices for historic review or analysis. Recorded CCTV images are kept for a maximum of 28 days unless the recorded CCTV footage is being used by SDCC’s Traffic Department for civil litigation purposes e.g. to recover costs in cases of infrastructural damage to on-street traffic furniture.

The Traffic Management Centres privacy statement is available below.

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