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Data Protection

Data Protection

Where possible, those wishing to submit GDPR data subject access requests are asked to do so by email only

Data Protection aims to protect individuals' right to privacy in regard to the processing of their personal data by those who control such data. The legislation governing this is the Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 which lay down rules about the safeguarding of the privacy of personal data, covering such areas as the obtaining, processing, keeping, use, disclosure, accuracy, appropriateness, retention and an individual's right to access and correct their personal data. The legislation applies to personal data held in both manual and electronic format. The Data Protection legislation is the transposition into Irish law of the relevant European Union directives.

Relevant information for staff of South Dublin County Council and interested parties includes its Data Protection policy and Compliance Guidelines.

The Legislation governing Data Protection can be accessed via the attached link and provide the legislative context. The Data Protection Commission maintains a website which contains information, publications and other resources which are of interest to members of the public and data controllers.