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National Oversight and Audit Committee

National Oversight and Audit Commitee

The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC), established under the Local Government Reform Act (2014), provides independent oversight of the Irish local government sector. As part of its statutory remit, NOAC annually examines the performance of local authorities against a range of performance indicators that it stipulates for adoption by all local authorities.


The NOAC Local Authority Performance Indicator Report compares South Dublin County Council’s performance against these indicators to provide objective information to citizens on our performance. The information provided is used by South Dublin County Council to monitor performance on an ongoing basis, and to benchmark performance against comparable local authorities. This is in addition to our own locally adopted performance indicators. NOAC also conducts independent surveys and studies of the local government sector such as the customer service survey and authority specific scrutiny report available below.

NOAC Scrutiny Report No. 48 South Dublin County Council Scrutiny Report