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Be Summer Ready

Be Summer Ready

This booklet is part of the Government of Ireland initiative to provide information to the general public on issues that may affect them during the summer months in Ireland. This summer will be different from others because of the impact of COVID-19 that continues to be felt by us all. So please bear in mind all relevant Public Health advice and do not forget that all travel should be considered in line with current Government guidelines. For up to date information please see www.gov.ie/covid19.

During the summer months, Ireland’s waterways and beaches become very popular. More people visit the countryside, engage in outdoor pursuits, visit family farms or take holidays. With these activities, there are associated risks and this booklet provides information on them.

Sadly, summer months can also bring tragedy, in the form of drowning accidents, farm accidents, accidents on our roads, or where people succumb to summer-related illnesses. Wildfires are also a more common occurrence during this period.

Information on being prepared and staying safe during these summer months, for the individual, family, home, farm, business and school, is contained in this booklet and in the links/web addresses and phone numbers contained herein. We advise people to familiarise themselves with the information in this booklet.

The booklet is published by the Department of Defence’s Office of Emergency Planning, on behalf of the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning.

There is more information and useful links on our website, www.gov.ie/summerready

Tá leagan Gaeilge den leabhrán seo ar fáil freisin.