Arts Policy and Resources

Arts Policy and Resources

South Dublin County Council is committed to ensuring access to key policy and research documents, evaluations, reports and toolkits that have been made available through programmes developed and supported by the Arts Office. These resources are also essential to groups or individuals looking to advocate for the arts within their own communities.

Browsing though our listing, you will find:

  • Policy documents that identify areas for development in the arts in the county
  • Research publications that offer detailed findings on themes related to arts policy
  • Resources including lesson plans and toolkits that can be utilised by youth workers, second-level teachers and other practitioners.
  • Evaluation reports regarding a number of projects throughout the County in an aim to promote sharing and learning of practice.

sdcc_art_strategy_Policy: South Dublin County Arts Development Strategy 2016-2020
Straitéis Forbartha Ealaíon 2016-2020
Arts_0001Research: Research report into the practices of Professional Artists from Immigrant, New Communities and Traveller Backgrounds

Resources: Creative Approaches for Learning 2012 Lesson Plans

Film in the Curriculum
Drama in the Curriculum
Dance in the Curriculum-Social Change


Resources: Creative Approaches for Learning 2011 Lesson Plans

Dance and the English Curriculum
Learning through design thinking
Using Comics Across the Curriculum
Soundtracks lesson plan


Resources: Creative Approaches for Learning 2010 Lesson Plans

Dance Workshop Across the Curriculum
Music and the History and English Curriculum
Architecture Across the Curriculum
Visual Art Exhibition and Curriculum Links


Resources: Creative Approaches for Learning 2009 Lesson Plans

Dance-Art-Design Lesson Plan
Visual Arts-Creative Writing-IT Lesson Plan
Music and other curriculum


Resources: Listen to NOISE Toolkit 2009

Steps for engaging young people in critical and creative thinking about issues important to them. Aimed at youth workers, the toolkit presents practical, hands-on and creative activities geared toward using song lyrics, writing and poster design to explore  issues related to health, community, the environment and society. For a copy of the toolkit, please email the Youth Arts Coordinator at 


Resources: Scribble Skills Toolkit 2010

A toolkit, available here, has been put together by these organisations to assist in the development of public art projects with young people.

Scribble Skills Toolkit


Evaluation: Fun with Film 2012

Fun with Film 2012 Report


Evaluation: Wonderland--in two parts 2012

Wonderland 2011--the performance TCS Wonderland Report-2011
Wonderland 2012- Wonderland-Dance Film Project 2012


Evaluation: Review of NOISE Flicks 2009 - 2011

NOISE Flicks 2009-11 Evaluation Final
NOISE Flicks Evaluation 2009 - 2011 Appendices


Evaluation: APT Visual Arts Project 2011

Inter-generational visual arts projects in the County.
APT Visual Arts Project 2011-Report


Evaluation: Creative Approaches for Learning 2009 - 2010

Creative Approaches Evaluation 2009 -2010
Creative Approaches Evaluation 2009 -2010-Appendices
Creative Approaches 2011 Evaluation Report


Evaluation: Drawn Together 2011

Graphic Novel Project Evaluation


Evaluation: Treading Water 2011

Treading Water Final Report


Evaluation: Firhouse Community College TY Video Production Module 2010 - 2011

Firhouse Social Inclusion Film Project Eval-May 2011


Evaluation: In Your Shoes 2010

In Your Shoes Evaluation 2010


Evaluation: Coláiste Bríde Home Away from Home: Home exhibition and establishing the Green Gallery, January – May 2010

Colaiste Bride Home and Green Gallery- August 2010


Evaluation: Tallaght Young Filmmakers

The Phase 1 report is available upon request. Please email

Tallaght Young Filmmakers-Phase 2- June 2010


Evaluation: CLICK-CLICK 2010

CLICK-CLICK Report Download


Evaluation: Jobstown Youth Arts Project, 2009

Jobstown Youth Arts Project-No Appendices

Jobstown Youth Arts Project- Appendices

Creative Campus Evaluation

Appendices for this evaluation are available upon request. Please email

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