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About Us

South Dublin County Council came into existence on the 1st January 1994. It has an area of 222.74 square kilometres. South Dublin has a population of 278,749 living in 92,363 homes according to the 2016 census, a 5.1% population increase from the previous census in 2011.

The average age for the county is 35.5 years, lower than the average for Leinster (36.6), Dublin City (37.9) and the State (37.4).

The heraldic crest for South Dublin reads "This We Hold In Trust" in both English and Irish, while incorporating elements relating to the history, geography and present day infrastructure of the area. It is bounded by Dublin city (15 km to the north east), the Dublin Mountains and County Wicklow to the south, the River Liffey to the north separating it from Fingal and County Kildare to the west.

Map of the South Dublin County Council administrative area.

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