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Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology

Ireland is one of the best places in the world to do business and this is certainly true of its information technology sector. With among the highest concentrations of ICT activity and employment in the OECD, the country has secured its reputation as a thriving centre for ICT.

Irelands value proposition and reputation makes it the global hub to the leading companies in the technology sector:

  • 9 of the top 10 US ICT Companies
  • 4 of the top 5 IT Services Companies
  • 9 of the top 10 global Software Companies

One of the world’s leading ICT players, Google, calls Grange Castle International Business Park home. Google commenced development of a 30,000sq meter data centre facility at Grange Castle Park in 2014.

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Grange Castle and ICT: A good connection? Why?

Connectivity is essential for ICT and Dublin is a connected technological environment. Grange Castle has the connectivity to the essential services that any ICT company might need. Our Park is home to well-connected and well-located sites but there are other key factors making it the ideal location for ICT.

Connectivity to talent

Ireland has among the highest proportion of science and engineering graduates in the OECD and Grange Castle, within 35 minutes of 7 renowned third level institutes and research centres in the Dublin area, offers you access to the multilingual ICT talent vital to your company’s success. Not only do we have home grown talent but the thriving start up ICT sector in Dublin attracts talent from around the world. Ireland's 25% R&D tax credit and other supports enable you to maximize the skills of our talented workforce to develop next-generation solutions in ICT.

A secure, connected technological environment allows your company to grow at Grange Castle.

Our expansive and reliable energy capacity at Grange Castle has enabled Google to develop a state of the art data center. With onsite 110kv stations, our resilient electrical network will be further enhanced by planned infrastructure investments at Grange Castle Business Park. Our high speed broadband capabilities with diverse and resilient capacity options are linked to an international fibre optic network (T50) distributed throughout the Park.
This proximity to key services means we have a range of development options with fully serviced plug-in sites. This will minimize development lead times and enable you to be operational without delay.

This secure, reliable, high capacity infrastructure setting has enabled large scale expansion for these giants of the tech-sector. There are a variety of site options on offer at Grange Castle and our strategic location and multiple transport options also makes Grange Castle a key location for other ICT related HQ activities such as shared services, customer and technical support and hardware & software research and innovation.
Join the best, at Grange Castle Business Park!

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"...the key basic infrastructural elements we need to build our business, Grange Castle had them ready made for us..."
Greg Timmons
President, Takeda Ireland Limited