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Adamstown is a planned urban development in the north of South Dublin County Council, which has the aim of delivering over 9,000 residential units with associated transport and community infrastructure. Adamstown is a Strategic Development Zone (SDZ), for which a Planning Scheme was prepared. The Planning Scheme provides a legal framework for phased development of residential and infrastructural works. Adamstown is based around walkable neighbourhoods located in close proximity to high quality public transport linkages.

The Government, pursuant to a proposal by the Minister for the Environment and Local Government, being of opinion that the development specified in paragraph 4 of this Order is of economic and social importance to the State: S.I. No. 272/2001 - Planning and Development Act, 2000 (Designation of Strategic Development Zone - Adamstown, Lucan) Order, 2001. (

This Planning Scheme aims to create sustainable communities rather than just housing developments. The Scheme was prepared with regard to best practice in the planning and design of new urban communities. The gross developable area of the Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme comprises 214 hectares and is subdivided into eleven development areas and four amenity areas.


The indicative build out of Adamstown SDZ, as set out in the Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme.


The current Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme dates from 2014, however has been amended to reflect updated national guidance and standards.

Current Scheme Document Link:

  1. section-1-0-introduction.pdf (
  2. section-2-0-proposals-for-development.pdf (
  3. section-3-0-development-and-amenity-areas.pdf (
  4. section-4-0-phasing-and-implementation.pdf (


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