How To Apply

How To Apply

There will be an individual application for each Affordable Housing scheme, there is no general application form or waiting list. 

When affordable homes are made available for purchase, they will be advertised in the following places;

  1. South Dublin County Council’s website
  2. South Dublin County Council’s Social Media pages and
  3. In a local/national newspaper.

The advertisement will include details about the scheme including how and when to apply.  Applications will be accepted through an online application portal. On the day the application portal opens, you will first need to register on the portal and then you can proceed to complete the online application form and submit the requested documentation.  


Please be aware that applications will be prioritised on a first come first served basis.


A link to the application portal along with a list of the required documentation will be available on South Dublin County Council’s website. A video guide of how to complete an application will also be available. 

Your application will be assessed, and it will be determined whether you qualify for an affordable dwelling or not. When all applications have been assessed and eligibility has been determined, South Dublin County Council will contact all applicants to advise if they have been successful and if they will be receiving an offer or not, depending on the number of properties available.