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Planning Scheme

Planning Scheme

South Dublin County Council is the designated ‘Development Agency’ for the Adamstown Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). As Development Agency, the County Council prepared a Planning Scheme for Adamstown in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended). The approved Planning Scheme sets out a detailed framework for the development up to 10,000 new homes in Adamstown, along with supporting infrastructure and facilities. The Development Agency is now responsible for ensuring that the development of Adamstown takes place in accordance with the details of the approved Planning Scheme. 
South Dublin County Council has set up the Adamstown Project Team, based in the Councils Planning Department, to manage and oversee implementation of the Scheme. 

This section of the website provides detailed information on the Planning and Development of Adamstown. It includes a link to the approved Planning Scheme, 2003 (as amended by variation), all planning applications, monthly progress updates on development, publications and minutes of Adamstown Steering Group meetings.

Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme: The complete Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme may be viewed online in Adobe pdf format.  Scroll down the page for links to the full document or each chapter.

Planning Scheme (Sept 2003)
Planning scheme map as adopted in September 2003

Download  Full Document (pdf format) (WARNING: 11.7MB pdf - This is a large file and download times will vary depending on your connection speed.) The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded HERE.

Download/View by Chapter

Proposals for Development
Development and Amenities Area

Development Area 1 
Development Area 2 
Development Area 3 
Development Area 4 
Development Area 5 
Development Area 6 
Development Area 7 
Development Area 8 
Development Area 9 
Development Area 10 
Development Area 11 
Amenity Area A 
Amenity Area B 
Amenity Area C 
Amenity Area D

Adamstown Castle
Airlie Stud
Tobermaclugg Village
Tubber Lane
Tandy's Lane Village
St. Helens
Adamstown Square
Adamstown Boulevard
Adamstown Station
Tandy's Lane Park
Tubermaclugg Park
Airlie Park
Central Boulevard

Phasing and Implementation
Environmental Appraisal

Purchase Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme

The Adamstown SDZ Planning Scheme document is available to purchase as a hardcopy from South Dublin County Council at a cost of €100 per copy  or in CD-ROM format at a cost of €10 per copy (includes post and packaging).

To order copies of the Planning Scheme please complete the order form  clearly indicating:-

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