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Business and Economy

25 Jan 22


Commercial Rates Waiver for the First Quarter 2022

An extension of the targeted commercial rates waiver to support certain business categories due to ongoing impact of COVID-19. been announced by the Government for Quarter 1 (Q1) 2022

The value of the waiver for Quarter 1 (Q1) will be the equivalent of 25% of the annual rates bill for 2022.

Business categories eligible for the waiver are as set out in Appendix B   

This appendix and a list of FAQ’s can be downloaded under related files

South Dublin County Council will automatically apply the 25% waiver to eligible business categories and an application is not required.

There is no provision in the Q1 targeted rates waiver scheme for appeals, or to demonstrate financial impact of covid or related restrictions. However, if a property is excluded from the Q1 waiver based on category or use on its valuation certificate, and this is not accurate to the service/activity of the occupying business, a business may make this known to the Council and be considered for the waiver. Any such applications to be submitted to The closing date for consideration of applications is 11th March 2022.

Further enquiries can also be made by phone at 01 4149099 / 4149336