Pressure + volume experiments:Remembering Irish Scientist Robert Boyle

Make a magic diver in this fun science workshop for 9-12 year olds, remembering famous Irish scientist Robert Boyle for Heritage Week 2020

To investigate the relationship between volume and pressure of gases we are going to make a magic diver that will sink and float at your command. All you need to be able to work this magic is a little knowledge of Robert Boyle, the famous Irish scientist and his experiments.

To fully participate you will need the following

An empty coke or 7up bottle - a 2 litre one that you can see through is ideal, a paperclip - a plastic coated coloured one is easiest to use, a tin foil tray like you get rice from the take away in, scissors, a bendy plastic straw (a straight one will work if you don't have a bendy one) approx 20g plastercine, a 1 litre jug or a deep bow l2.5 litres, water, cloth for cleaning up and spillages.

Please note your email will be passed to the facilitator to send you on the Zoom codes for the live workshop. An adult should be present with the child.

Booking essential and tickets can be found through the following link

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