Crystal Making : Remembering famous Irish Scientist Kathleen Lonsdale

Fun science workshop for 7-9 year olds, Remembering the famous Irish Scientist Kathleen Lonsdale for Heritage Week

During this fun workshop you will learn a little about Kathleen Lonsdale, a famous Irish Scientist. You will also make some salt crystals. First we make the salt disappear and then much bigger salt crystals will grow. You will be able to collect and keep these crystals.

You will need these household items to participate fully:

Approx 30 g table salt, spoon, a mug or glass, a jug of warm water, a piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler, a magnifying glass if you have one (if not, maybe an adult will allow you to take some photos of the salt with their phone), sticky tape, a clean plastic container from your recycling - I use the container you get chicken curry in from the take away, cloth for cleaning up and spillages.

Please note your email will be passed to the facilitator to send you on the Zoom codes for the live workshop. An adult should be present with the child.

Booking is essential and tickets can be found through the following link

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