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Development Contribution Scheme 2010-2017

This scheme was applicable for permissions granted from January 1st 2010-January 14th 2013 inclusive.

On 14th December 2009 South Dublin County Council made a Development Contribution Scheme for its administrative area for the period 2010-2017, details were as follows:



Industrial/Commercial Development

€111.00 per square metre

Residential Development

€120.00 per square metre

The Scheme was effective from 1st January 2010 and applicable to all grants of planning permission made from that date. However, following the adoption of the 2013-2015 Scheme, the 2010-2017 Scheme is no longer applicable to grants of planning permission made on or after January 15th 2013. Permissions already granted in the lifetime of this scheme, i.e. January 1st 2010-January 14th 2013, will however, once availed of, be required to adhere to the planning conditions contained in the permission implemented and pay the stated contribution as per planning conditions.

Full details of the Development Contributions Scheme 2010-2017 are available below:

Development Contributions Scheme 2010-2017
Report to Council on Draft Scheme 2010-2017
Report of Consultants of Draft Scheme 2010-2017