Fóraim Áitiúla Póilíneachta

Local Policing Fora

Local Policing Fora have now been set up in three locations in South Dublin County and provide a mechanism through which the community, the Gardai, and the Local Authority and other stakeholders as required come together to improve communication, share appropriate information and identify issues of concern in relation to policing, anti-social behaviour and estate management.

They work together to find solutions to issues raised, report on progress and develop guidelines to manage difficulties that arise.

The Local Policing Fora report to the Joint Policing Committee at each meeting and can advise the County Council and the Gardai on how to best perform their functions having regard to the need to do everything feasible to improve the safety and quality of life and to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour within the area.

Contact your Local Policing Fora:

North Clondalkin Local Policing Fora

Clondalkin Local Policing Fora

Tallaght Local Policing Fora

Noreen Byrne

Andy Lane

Andy Lane

North Clondalkin Community Development Programme,
Christy Melia House,
24 Neilstown Park,
Dublin 22.

Tel: 01- 4571744

Clondalkin Civic Centre
Clondalkin Village
Dublin 22

Tel: 01 – 4149000

County Hall
Dublin 24

Tel: 01 – 4149000

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