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Specially Adapted Home

Provision of Specially Adapted Units:

As funding is no longer available from Central Government for the construction of new social housing it is has become necessary to source specially adapted properties from suitable properties that may become vacant within South Dublin County Council current housing stock.

The Social Housing Assessment Regulations 2011 require that applicants seeking housing on medical/disability grounds must firstly be eligible for social housing. To see if you are eligible please read Am I eligible for Council Housing on 'Finding a Home' page. You are also required to submit the following documents:-

  • Medical Consultant’s Certificate specifying the nature of the medical condition or disability and noting whether the condition is degenerative.
  • Occupational therapist’s report in respect of any specific accommodation requirements ( if any )

Medical Letters requesting that housing applicants be provided with specially adapted accommodation must show how the provision of social housing, with regard to the applicants current housing accommodation, will improve/alleviate the applicants medical condition