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Tallaght Movement Framework

Tallaght Town Centre Movement Plan

South Dublin County Council, in association with the National Transport Authority (NTA), are preparing a Movement Framework Plan for the Tallaght Town Centre area. The Tallaght Town Centre Movement Framework Plan will incorporate a package of physical measures on key streets and junctions within the Town Centre, to calm traffic, enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety and improve the urban setting and sense of place.  The “Plan” shall incorporate preliminary costings for the agreed set of measures; and an implementation / phasing plan for the roll out of upgrade measures.

The Plan will be supported by:

  • A Movement Framework Plan and Traffic Management Strategy that defines the street hierarchy within the Town Centre and provides a clear strategic rationale for proposed changes; and
  • A Traffic Model for the Town Centre that demonstrates capacity within the network to accommodate the agreed package of measures.

During 2013 funding is available to finalise the Movement Framework Plan.

It is envisaged that the Movement Framework Plan will encompass a coordinated package of measures within the Town Centre area that will form the basis for future funding applications to the NTA and that can be implemented over the next 5 years.

Ongoing Plans

N81 Boulevard Scheme
Concept, Feasibility and Preliminary Design study for the implementation of a pedestrian / cycle friendly Boulevard scheme for a section of the N81 that lies within the Tallaght Town Centre environs, specifically between the N81/Oldbawn junction and the N81/Cookstown Way Junction

Tallaght Transport Interchange
The provision of a coherent transport hub linking and growing available modes of transport including: LUAS; bus; taxi; pedestrian; cyclist, at the terminus to the Red LUAS line, improving the legibility and accessibility of alternative modes of transport and reinforcing and upgrading the centre of Tallaght.

During 2013 funding is available to progress the scheme from preliminary design through consultation to detail design stage.

Old Bawn Road / N81 Junction Improvements
The existing junction layout at the Old Bawn Road / N81 junction is a significant barrier to pedestrian and cycle movement across the N81. The project will investigate design options for the provision of additional pedestrian and cycle facilities at the Old Bawn Road / N81 junction to improve the pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities.

During 2013 funding is available to progress the scheme from preliminary design through consultation to detail design stage.