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Drinking Water

Public Drinking Water Quality:

Samples of drinking water are taken throughout the network and analysed as per the requirements set out in the Drinking Water Regulations. 

For results of this monitoring please see Uisce Éireann's website – www.water.ie

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the regulatory body charged with monitoring and reporting on compliance levels for water quality in Ireland. The EPA reports annually on the provision and quality of drinking water in Ireland and publishes updates of it's remedial action list for water supplies. Reports are published on the EPA website.

Private Drinking Water Quality:

County and City Councils are required to provide owners and users of unregulated private water supplies with information about the risks of contamination and advice about what they can do to protect their supplies and keep them safe.A leaflet is available to provide this information.

Water Hardness

Water Hardness enquiries usually relate to installation of new dishwashers and washing machines. The water in South Dublin County Council is mainly sourced from two water treatment plants at Ballymore-Eustace and Leixlip. The water from Leixlip would be considered hard water and from Ballymore-Eustace it is soft water. We don’t supply any water directly from Leixlip, but water from Leixlip is blended in our reservoir at Peamount which serves parts of Lucan and hence water in this area can be of medium hardness.

Typical values for total hardness as Calcium Carbonate are given below:

Ballymore-Eustace Water (supplies to over 90% of County)
mg/L CaCO3 = 50
eH (Clarke or English Degrees) = 3.5
dH (German Degrees) = 2.8
fH (French Degrees) = 5
Mmol CaCO3 = 0.5
American Hardness Degrees (ppm) = 50

Leixlip Water (blended supply to area in north of County, mainly in Lucan)
mg/L CaCO3 = 150 - 300
eH (Clarke or English Degrees) = 10.5 - 21.9
dH (German Degrees) = 8.4 - 16.8
fH (French Degrees) = 15 - 30
Mmol CaCO3 = 1.5 - 3.0
American Hardness Degrees (ppm) = 150 – 300