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2016 Commemoration Fund for Communities


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The Government has designated the period 2012-2022 for a commemorative programme of activities with a special emphasis on 2016 and focussing on five interconnecting themes; Remember, Reconcile, Imagine, Present and Celebrate.

The Five Themes
In order to be successful, projects must correspond with one or more of the following themes:

  • Remember – Commemorating the historic events of 1916 in the full context of our history
  • Reconcile – confronting the divisions of the past and reflect on how the ideals of the Proclamation were rekindled and contributed to reconciliation
  • Imagine – engaging with all of our people to challenge our assumptions to re-imagine our legacy for future generations
  • Present – Showing how as a Republic we took our place ‘among the nations’ expressing our individuality through our own distinctive culture
  • Celebrate – the idealism of the Proclamation, exemplified by our legacy of UN peacekeeping, and the developmental and humanitarian work of Irish Aid and our NGOs

South Dublin County Council wishes to support local communities who want to organise dignified and appropriate events to commemorate the 1916 Rising. The Commemoration Fund is a fund of €40,000 for allocation to community-based groups and organisations in the South Dublin County Area to organise events and projects to remember and commemorate this historic event. Funds will be made available for events taking place in 2016.

Grants from the fund will be awarded equally across the four South Dublin County Council Local Area Committees i.e. €10,000 per area: Clondalkin, Lucan, Tallaght and Templeogue/Terenure/Rathfarnham.

South Dublin County Councils Commemorations Committee will evaluate each application. There is no guarantee of funding for events which achieve the minimum eligibility criteria. The fund is limited and eligible applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis.

Grants of up to €1,000 are available. In a small number of cases South Dublin County Council may consider allocating higher amounts of funding.

Who is eligible to apply?
This fund is open to groups or organisations with an interest in organising an event/project to commemorate 1916. The event/project must take place/be completed no later than 31st December 2016.

The Event or project must take place within the South Dublin County boundaries. You can view an online map of the county boundaries here

Certain criteria are required for projects to proceed to the assessment process. To be eligible for funding the event/project must:

  • Take place in the South Dublin County Council administrative area.
  • Have a bank account in the name of the organisation/group.
  • Have a valid tax clearance certificate from the revenue commissioners for the organisation/group.
  • If you are planning an event you must ensure that you have adequate insurance cover, South Dublin County Council must be indemnified on the policies to the value of €6.5million.
  • Be organised at community level and encourage participation from the community.
  • Enhance the knowledge of the history of the 1916 in a local area/community.
  • Be respectful of the events surrounding 1916 as both important and as one in which people died.
  • Is a quality event based on sound historical basis.
  • Be a feasible project with a historical dimension, designed on a realistic financial basis.
  • Provide good value-for-money.
  • Be accessible to diverse audiences and participants.
  • Be inclusive in theme and approach.

What items and expenses are excluded from the fund?

  • Capital projects and infrastructural projects e.g. plaques, building restoration, monuments.
  • Spend on alcoholic beverages, fines, legal costs, penalty payments, consultant fees, audit fees, wages and salaries of consultants.
  • In general, the cost of items for resale is ineligible.

How do I apply?
You can complete and sign the attached application form or apply using the online form. All applications must be submitted either online or by hard copy on the official form to Commemorations Application Fund, Communications Unit, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 by 5pm on Monday 31st August.

You will receive a formal acknowledgement of your application.

If I am successful how do I draw down the Fund?
Payment will only be made after the event has taken place. In order to receive the payment, the successful applicant must complete a short Post Event Report Form (to be supplied by the South Dublin County Council) and provide the following:

  • Evidence that the event/project has taken place
  • Receipts for all items and the full costs
  • A report on the event/project

How will I know if my group has been successful? Successful applicants will receive a Letter of offer. This letter will form the contract between South Dublin County Council and the organiser and will detail all conditions and requirements. A list of successful applicants will be published on our website stating the name and date of the event taking place.

Once you have been notified that you have been successful in receiving funding, you must ensure that your project/ event is promoted as part of this initiative and appropriate guidelines to support this will be included with the letter of offer. All successful applicants will agree to have their project/ event included in South Dublin County Councils Commemorative Programme.

Please Note:
Payment will only be made after the event has taken place. For more information contact Ph: 01 414 9285

Disclaimer – please read carefully
It will be a condition of any application for funding under the terms and conditions of the South Dublin County Council’s – Ireland 2016 programme that the applicant has read, understood and accepted the following:

  1. South Dublin County Council shall not be liable to the applicant or any other party, in respect of any loss, damage or costs of any nature arising directly or indirectly from:
    • The application or the subject matter of the application.
    • The rejection for any reason of any application.
  2. South Dublin County Council shall not be held responsible or liable, at any time in any circumstances, in relation to any matter whatsoever arising in connection with the administration of activities.
  3. By submitting an application, applicants agree to the processing and disclosure of the applicant’s information by South Dublin County Council, and to other third parties if required, for Fund administration, reporting, evaluation and audit purposes; and successful applicants further consent to the disclosure of this information (e.g. name of successful applicant, amount of award, event details, etc.) by these parties in connection with the marketing or promotion of the Fund.
  4. South Dublin County Council is subject to provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).
Commemorations fund for communities Online form31st August