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Tionscadail Tréscaoilteacht Áitiúil

Local Permeability Projects

South Dublin County Council, in association with the National Transport Authority (NTA), identifies and proposes short walking and cycling routes to serve local neighbourhoods across the County. The funding of these projects is provided by the NTA.

These community links create more sustainable local neighbourhoods with direct pedestrian and cycle links to popular local destinations. Their aim is to encourage people to leave the car at home for local trips by bringing more households within walking and cycling distance to local amenities in accordance with the policies of the NTA and the Councils County Development Plan 2010 - 2016.

In many cases the links are based on existing shortcuts, enabling cyclists and pedestrians, including those with decreased mobility, to access safe, direct, hard surfaced routes to the local shops, school, community centre, public transport stop, cycle route, or the park / playground. Increased walking and cycling within local neighbourhoods reduces carbon footprints, encourages a healthier lifestyle and increased numbers of users will improve the safety of the route and discourage anti-social behaviour.

The Council and the NTA have proposed a number of these permeability projects in the County. The overall scheme contains a list of county wide projects; of which 2 No. progressed to construction in 2011 at Dargle Wood, Knocklyon and Corkagh Park and are now completed. Since then, further projects have been approved for funding by the NTA, some to Part 8 stage for 2012 at Esker in Lucan, at Bawnogue, and at Grange Road in Rathfarnham.

As part of the 2013 NTA programme, the Council will review and appraise these permeability projects and provide best practice guidelines for future projects in the county.

The following pages provide a summary of the projects.