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Fógra 7 lá

7 Day Notice

After a decision has been made to grant/refuse planning permission, there is a period of 28 days during which time an appeal can be lodged with An Bord Pleanála. Work cannot begin until after this time period when a notification of grant of permission is issued by South Dublin County Council or An Bord Pleanála to the applicant.

Prior to commencement of work a valid "Commencement Notice" or a "7 Day Notice" must be submitted to the Building Control Section of the Planning Dept giving notice of the intention to start work. The form must be submitted with an Original Signed Statutory Declaration and 7 Day Notice and it must also be Submitted at the Planning Counter by 12pm on the day of submission.

A 7 Day Notice is required where a person intends to commence work on the construction of a building before grant of the relevant Fire Safety Certificate, where one is required. However the Building must not be opened or occupied until a Granted Fire Cert has been received.

An application form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee (see below), a signed Statutory Declaration and a valid Fire Safety Certificate application form and relevant fee (See below).

The 7 Day Notice must be submitted at the Planning Counter, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 YNN5 not less than seven days in advance of commencement of work and must be in accordance with the requirements of Article 20A (2) of the Regulations.

An online system (BCMS) for lodging commencement notices and 7 Day Notices and complying with the various new requirements is available at You are strongly advised to use the online service to save time and money and avoid delays in the various stages of constructing and completing your development. In the event however that you do not wish to use the online system please be advised that additional fees for document management and processing will apply.

The fees relating to a 7 day notice are set out below.

Submission of a 7 Day Notice in respect of
(a) work in connection with the construction or extension of a building€250, or €5.80 for each square metre of floor area being provided, whichever is the greater
(b) work in connection with - 
 (i) the material alteration of the interior of a building€250, or €5.80 for each square metre of relevant floor area, whichever is the greater
 (ii) the material alteration of the external surfaces of a building€250
 (iii) a combination of (i) and (ii) above€250, or €5.80 for each square metre of relevant floor area, whichever is the greater
(c) a building in which a material change of use takes place€250, or €5.80 for each square metre of relevant floor area, whichever is the greater
(d) works or a building, where the building concerned will be used as an agricultural building€130, or €1.60 for each square metre in excess of 300 square metres of -
 (i) gross floor area being provided,
 (ii) relevant floor area
 as the case may be, whichever is the greater

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