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Adamstown Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to South Dublin County Council for development at Adamstown.. Please click on the reference number to view the full details of each application.

Planning File Ref

Description of Proposed Development

Current Status


Minor amendments to planning permission, Reg. Ref. SDZ10A/0001 comprising of change of house types to 132 no. dwellings of the 177 no dwellings permitted. The development is located in the Adamstown Square development area on the site known as Adamstown Square 3.

Lodged 21/11/2013
Permission Granted


Retention permission of finishing works carried out on existing 3-storey apartment building comprising of 9 no. apartments in Adamstown Square (SDZ06A/13 refers). 

Lodged 29/10/2013
Permission Granted


Temporary Permission sought for a period of 4 years for development  comprising the construction of a 2,900 space car park (initially the provision of 2,000 parking spaces is envisaged, increasing up to 2,900 as demand arises) and associated works; all on lands of c. 11.1 Ha bounded generally by Adamstown Avenue, Dodsboro Road and Adamstown Drive to the north, by Adamstown Station Road to the south, by Adamstown Park (SDZ06A/0005) to the east and the existing temporary Park & Ride to the west in the townlands of Gollierstown and Adamstown.

Application Withdrawn 04/11/2013


Construction of a detached two storey dwelling and provision of a new vehicular entrance to the existing house and associated site works; this application is being made in accordance with the provisions of the Adamstown Planning Scheme 2003; the lands fall entirely within the boundaries of Adamstown Strategic Development Zone.

Lodged 12/09/2013
Additional Information Requested 01/11/2013




11 no. two storey 3 bed houses, each c.107sq.m in gross floor area with a maximum ridge height of c.8.8 metres, in lieu of 10 no. three storey 4 bed houses as permitted under Planning Reg. Ref. SDZ06A/0012 but now lapsed;  the proposed development comprises of two terraces each of 4 no. houses fronting onto Castlegate Grange to be served by 16 no. surface car parking spaces along its eastern side and one terrace of 3 no. houses fronting onto the existing pedestrian route linking Castlegate Row to Adamstown Avenue to the north, to be served by 6 no. existing half-basement level car parking spaces situated under the podium to the rear of the mixed use Sentinel block. 

Lodged 15/02/2013
Permission Granted


Revisions to previously permitted scheme (SDZ06A/013) to comprise of 22 no. 3 bedroom own-door dwellings in lieu of 16 no. 2 bedroom apartments and 34 no. 2 &3 bedroom duplexes. 

Permission Granted:










Development comprising the construction of a 2250sq.m. temporary 16 classroom, two storey, 7m high, Primary School and all associated ancillary grounds works/landscaping for a period of 3 years. Development to take place on lands located in the Adamstown Square development area.



Development comprising the construction of 177no. dwellings. The proposed development contains 150 houses consisting mainly of 3 and 4 bedroom family homes. The development contains 1684 sq m of public open space across three separate parcels of land.  The development is located in the Adamstown Square development area on the site known as Adamstown Square 3.


Temporary Car Park for 36 spaces associated with the post primary school site as a replacement for the temporary teacher car park permitted under SD07A/002.

Lodged: 16/06/2011

Permission Granted: 28/07/2011



Permission Granted:


Lodged: 21/07/2009

Permission Granted:

SDZ09A/0003Satellite Dish 65cm fixed to rear wall.Lodged: 05/05/2009

Invalid Application:
SDZ09A/0002Sky Satellite Dish 90cm , white in colour, fixed to rear wall.Lodged: 26/03/2009

Invalid Application:

Temporary works to Adamstown Drive, pending full completion of the roadway.  The proposed temporary works consist of the provision of a shared cycleway and footpath of the northern edge and on/off road cycleway on the southern edge of the R120 (Newcastle Road) and The Paddocks, associated signage.  Permission granted for a period of 3 years.

Lodged: 03/02/2009

Permission Granted:
SDZ08A/0008Change in the dwelling type and number from 18 no. permitted dwellings under REG REF SDZ07A/0001 to 16 no. proposed dwellings.Lodged: 04/12/2008

Permission Granted:
SDZ08A/0007 Change of use of existing permitted retail unit (SDZ06A/12) to retail unit with ancillary (35m2) off-licence, within the 'Sentinel' Building.

Lodged: 18/08/2008

Permission Granted: 09/10/2008

SDZ08A/0006Change of use of section of approved retail unit no.3 (shop) to become part of retail unit no. 4 (cafe). Enlarged retail unit will provide for increased cafe size of 146m2.

Lodged: 01/08/2008

Permission Granted: 24/09/2008

SDZ08A/0005Development comprising 121 no. dwelling units consisting of 111 no. apartments  & 10 no. duplex units and a 763m2 Creche. Located in the Airlie Stud Development Area (The Paddocks).

Lodged 14/07/08

Permission Granted: 05/09/2008


Development comprising 317 no. dwellings as follows: 159 no. houses;110 no. duplex units & 48 no. apartments, all in the Tobermaclugg Development Area.  Permission is also sought for the upgrade of c.385m of the Dodsboro Road /  Tandy's Lane.

Lodged 14/07/08

Permission Granted:03/11/2008

SDZ08A/0003Development comprising 39 no. apartments in a 4-storey building, with car and bicycle parking at basement level. The site is located to the north of the all-weather pitch permitted under ref. SDZ08A/0001, and to the south of Adamstown Avenue.

Lodged 06/05/2008

Permission Granted:  30/06/2008

SD08A/01954 no. wall mounted signs to front and side of existing childcare facility and 1 no. double-sided freestanding totem pole sign of junction of "Adamstown Station Road and Castlegate Rise.

Lodged: 20/03/2008

Permission granted with amendments: 14/05/2008

SDZ08A/0002Construction of phase one of the Adamstown District Centre. The application site incorporates elements of Adamstown Square, Adamstown Boulevard and Adamstown Station Development Areas within the Adamstown SDZ. The proposed development is a large scale mixed use commercial and residential development of c.109,044sq.m.

Lodged 30/01/2008

Permission Granted: 18/07/2008


Development comprising a 3 storey, 3,744m2 Sports & Leisure Centre and floodlit full sized All-Weather Pitch. The application also provides for a temporary car park, containing 195 car parking space. 64 no. bicycle parking spaces are to be provided. The site is located to the west of the permitted secondary school (SDZ07A/0002) to the north of Station Road and to the east of the road known as Adamstown Park. The development is located within Adamstown Castle.

Lodged 21/01/2008

Permission Granted: 14/03/2008


Development comprising the construction of 189 no. dwelling units consisting of 1- 5 bedroom units,  located in 2-5 storey buildings within the Somerton Development Area.  On a site of approx. 4.8 hectares immediately west of Westbury Estate, Lucan, east of The Paddocks, Adamstown, Co. Dublin and south-west of the Lucan (Superquinn) Shopping Centre.  There are balconies provided within the development; public and semi-private open space is provided for through a number of communal landscaped areas; a total of 298 no. associated car parking spaces and cycle spaces are provided at surface and basement level.

Lodged 17/12/2007

Permission Granted 25/07/2008

SDZ07A/0011Development comprising the construction of 319 no. dwellings and 9 no. live/work units in 1-4 bedroom units. The proposed development ranges in height from 3 to 5 stories. There are balconies provided within the development; public and semi-private open space is provided for through a number of communal landscaped areas; a total of 590 no. associated car parking spaces and 302 no. cycle spaces are provided at surface and basement level. The development is located in the Adamstown Square development area.

Lodged 17/09/2007

Permission Granted 09/11/2007

SDZ07A/0010The renovation and extension of Airlie House (a two-storey protected structure) to provide a crèche facility with 100 no. child-spaces to serve the development of Adamstown. Airlie House is a protected structure.

Lodged 14/09/2007

Permission Granted 08/11/2007

SDZ07A/0009Revisions to previously permitted mixed use development within Adamstown Castle (SDZ06A/0012) including the retention of a 180 sqm basement storage floor beneath the permitted convenience store (Unit 1).  Permission is also sought for change of unit type to residential units 27 and 28 located at penthouse level on the permitted development. Unit 27 and 28 are proposed to increase in size with unit 28 increasing from 2 to 3 bedrooms.

Lodged 14/09/2007

Permission Granted 07/11/2007

SDZ07A/0008Permission for change of house type and layout to Block J as part of previously granted (Reg. Ref. SDZ05A/0002). Changes to consist of provision of 16 no. 2 storey 2 and 3 bed houses in two number blocks, this change incorporates 1 no. additional unit which was omitted from Block D, there is no change to the overall number of 252 units permitted previously.  The site is located immediately south of Hillcrest Estate at Dodsborough.

Lodged 05/09/2007

Permission Granted 12/12/2007

SDZ07A/0007374 no. residential units consisting of 2-5 bedroom units.  in a mixture of houses, apartments and duplexes; bicycle and car parking; public open spaces, infrastructural works and landscaping, all on a site generally bounded by Adamstown Boulevard to the west, Adamstown Way to the south, Adamstown Park to the east and a realigned section of Tandys Lane to the north. The application is in development area 7 'St. Helens'.

Lodged 14/08/2007

Permission Granted 08/10/2007

SDZ07A/00064 storey Office building of c.3020m2 to be used initially as a marketing suite and information centre for the Adamstown District Centre along with a temporary car park facility to cater for 100 cars to serve the information centre / information centre.

Lodged 09/07/2007

Permission Granted 21/08/2007

SDZ07A/0005Retention of additional residential unit within Adamstown Square 1 development previously permitted under Reg Ref: SDZ06A/6 and retention of 2 no. ESB substations within the Adamstown Castle 2 development permitted under reg ref SDZ06A/3.

Lodged 05/06/2007

Permission Granted


SDZ07A/0004Revisions to 11 permitted units and the addition of 38 no. units to Blocks 4 & 5 in the southwest corner of the development permitted under Reg. Ref. SDZ06A/13. The application is in the development area known as Adamstown Square.

Lodged 03/05/2007

Permission Granted


SDZ07A/0003A new planning application for a package of enabling works to facilitate the construction of Adamstown District Centre. The application proposes construction of a basement structure with a podium slab. Future planning applications will seek permission for commercial and residential floor space on the levels above the proposed podium. The proposed basement is intended to be used primarily as  a car park to serve the future development within the District Centre.

Lodged 12/04/2007

Permission Granted


SDZ07A/00023 storey,1000 pupil secondary school and 2 storey community centre building with bicycle and car parking, infrastructural works and landscaping all on a site bounded by Adamstown Square to the north, the permitted primary schools to the east and station access road to the south.

Lodged 28/03/2007

Permission Granted 12/12/2007


154 no. dwellings consisting of 2-5 bedroom units in a mixture of houses, apartments and duplexes; bicycle and car parking; public open spaces, infrastrucutral works and landscaping, all on a site generally bounded by 'The Paddocks' (SDZ05A/2) to the east, Meadowview Grove to the north and Dodsboro Road to the west. The application is in development area 3.

Lodged 01/02/2007

Permission Granted 21/08/2007


224 no. dwellings consisting of 2-4 bedroom units in a mixture of houses, apartments and duplexes; bicycle and car parking;  traffic calming measures and shared surfaces will be provided throughout the development; provision of bin storage facilities, site development and landscape works, including the provision of covered entrances to and from the car parks; all on a site bounded generally by Adamstown Avenue (SDZ04A/1 and SDZ06A/5) to the south, Loop Road around Adamstown District Centre (SDZ06A/5) to the north and east. The application is in development area 9.

Lodged 08/12/2006

Permission granted  09/02/07


50 no. dwellings consisting of 1-3 bedroom apartment and four-bedroom houses; 4 no. ground floor commercial units with an associated area of outdoor seating surface treatment and finishing details of previously permitted pedestrian street to the northern edge of the site, the provision of bin and bicycle storage facilities, site development and landscape works; car and bicycle parking spaces,  all on lands bounded generally by Adamstown Avenue to the east, permitted crèche and residential units (SDZ06A/7) to the north, permitted primary schools (SDZ06A/2) to the west and the Adamstown Station Access Road (SDZ06A/2) to the south. The application is in development area 1

Lodged 08/12/2006

Permission granted 09/02/07


A new planning application for the construction of approximately 1132m of internal roads within Adamstown was received by South Dublin County Council on 28th September 2006. The application (planning ref. SDZ06A/11) proposes construction of 4 specific elements of internal roads within Adamstown: (a) the construction of part of Adamstown Avenue and Adamstown Avenue West; (b) the construction of ‘Stream Road’ to connect the District Centre Loop Road with the proposed Adamstown Avenue extension and the Park & Ride facility (Permitted under Reg. Ref. SDZ06/8); (c) the construction of ‘Bridge Road’ to connect the Distict Centre Loop Road with the Railway Overbridge (currently awaiting a decision from South Dublin County Council Reg. Ref. SDZ06A/9); and (d) the construction of the southern section of Adamstown Boulevard as defined in the Planning Scheme

Planning permission granted 22nd November 2006.

A new planning application(SDZ06A/10) for the retention of a temporary marketing suite for the 'Paddocks' development within the Sommerton development arae of Adamstown has been received by South Dublin County Council. The proposed development includes a temporary single storey structure to cater as sales office (196.3sq.m.) to include for all associated site development and infrastructural works and surface car parking on a site of approx. 0.389 hectares.

Planning permission granted 20th November 2006.

A new planning application ( ref. SDZ06A/9) for the construction of an agricultural bridge over the Dublin - Kildare rail line within Adamstown has been received by South Dublin County Council. The Proposed development includes the construction of a bridge some 54m long with a 6.4m wide deck, and a 194m long access road to the north (within Adamstown). The bridge is required to maintain an existing right of way between the agricultural lands to the south and a farm holding to the south. Access to the bridge from the south will be provided by Iarnrod Eireann in accordance with their level crossing closure programme and in tandem with the Kildare Route Project.

Planning permission granted 17th October 2006.

A planning application (Reg. ref. SDZ06A/8) proposes the relocation of and revisions to the approved Park and Ride facilities permitted under planning reference SDZ04A/2 on lands (2.41 hectares) by Chartridge Developments was received on 31 July 2006. The proposed development will provide 300 car parking spaces to include 16 no. disabled parking spaces within a 7200m3 park and ride facilities located approx 290m to the west of the pedestrian entrance to the permitted railway station building. Vehicular access to the park and ride facility will be provided via an extension of the Station Access Road permitted under SDZ04A/2 and pedestrian access will be provided via a footpath running to the south of and parallel with the Station Access Road. It is intended that parking within the park and ride facility will operate under a pay and display system with a parking warden / security officer to monitor the car park.

Planning permission granted 22 September 2006.

A planning application (Reg. ref. SDZ06A/7) proposes the construction of a crèche (circa. 613m2 with circa. 165m2 outdoor play space) and 7 residential units. The proposed crèche will contain a total of 8 classrooms, 1 sleeping room and ancillary rooms. The 7 residential units comprise 1 duplex and 6 apartments. Supporting access arrangements, car parking, landscaping and site development works are also proposed. The proposed development is located to the west of Adamstown Avenue close to the primary schools recently granted planning permission

Planning permission granted 22nd August 2006.
SDZ06A/6The application (planning ref. SDZ06A/6) proposes construction of 173 residential units in a mix of houses, apartments and duplexes ranging in height from 2 – 4 storeys. The application site is bounded to the south by the recently approved Adamstown primary schools (SDZ06A/2) and to the north by Adamstown Avenue. Ancillary site development works including landscaping, streets, car parking and surface water attenuation also form part of the application.Planning permission granted 17thAugust 2006.
SDZ06A/5The application (planning ref. SDZ06A/5) proposes construction of 3 specific elements of internal roads within Adamstown: (a) the construction of part of the Adamstown Station Access Road; (b) the construction of part of Loop Road No. 1; and (c) the construction of part of the Loop Road around the district centre which will also provide vehicular access to the ESB sub station proposed under planning application ref. SD06A/0497.Planning permission granted 14thAugust 2006.

The application (planning ref.SD06A/0497)proposes construction of the 110kV to medium voltage Electrical Transformer Station and extension to public road consisting of a Control Building (6.10metres high), 2no. 110,000/10,000 volt power transformers, associated bunding and 110kV switchgear, site development works consisting of site grading, landscaping, 3 metre high boundary wall and 6 metre wide entrance road connected to public road and an extension to the public road south of the proposed transformer station.

Planning permission granted 4thAugust 2006.

SDZ06A/4The application (planning ref. SDZ06A/4) proposes construction of the Tobermaclugg foul water pumping station and the construction of twin rising mains, a storm water culvert, a foul sewer and temporary haul road. The development consists of both above ground structures (single storey buildings 5.798 in height and 3.148m in height) and underground structures (two underground storm water tanks with combined capacity of 2400m3).

Planning permission granted 18 July 2006



The application (planning ref. SDZ06A/3) proposes a total of166 residential units consisting of bedroom units, 38 no. two bedroom units, 97 no. three bedroom units and 3 no. 4 bedroom units in a mix of houses, duplex units and apartments ranging in height from 2-4storeys. The application also proposes associated site and infrastructural works, a new pedestrian crossing along Adamstown Avenue, bin storage facilities,site development and landscaping.

Planning Permission granted on 28th June 2006


The application (planning ref. SDZ06A/2) proposes the construction of two no. primary schools totalling 5,082 sq.m. in size. Both schools are two storey structures containing 16 no. classrooms, 2 no. special needs teaching rooms, and ancillary rooms.

Planning permission granted on2nd June 2006

SDZ06A/1Six bus shelters, Adamstown Castle Development Area.Planning permission granted on10/03/06.
SDZ05A/4Change of use of 3 residential units to a marketing suite with associated signage for a temporary period of 3 years, Adamstown Castle Development Area.

Planning permission granted on11/01/06.

Development has been completed.


Public park of about 7,195 sq.m. in size with equipped children's play area of about 332 sq.m. in size, hard & soft landscaping, tree & shrub planting, benches, paths & boundary treatments located in Adamstown Castle area.

Planning permission granted on 13/12/05.

Development has been completed.


271 residential units consisting of a mix of houses, duplex units and apartments; associated roads, site and infrastructural works, a temporary foul sewer pumping station, surface water attenuation, public open spaces and landscaping in Development Area 3

Planning permission granted for 252 units (of which 170 units can be completed as part of phase 1A) on 30/08/05.

Development now under construction.


Revisions to the development permitted under Reg. Ref. SDZ04A/1 comprising the addition of 1 no. two-bedroom duplex unit (Type T7) with 1 no. one-bedroom apartment over (Type T8) to the eastern end of Block T & replacement of the 6 no. permitted A type units (12 units in total) on plots 271-282 with a new Block W (5 no. two-bedroom duplex units and 5 no. three bedroom duplex units). There is no change to the total number of units permitted under planning Reg. Ref. SDZ04A/1 as a result of these revisions.

Planning permission granted on 18/04/05.

Development now under construction.


New link road between Adamstown and the Outer Ring Road approximately 2km in length and comprising two traffic lanes, two dedicated bus lanes, two cycle lanes and two footpaths as well
as a new bridge over the railway line on the R120 Newcastle Road together with proposals for access, crossing points, bus stops, drainage, planting and boundary treatment. Application is partially within the Adamstown SDZ.

Following an appeal to An Bord Pleanala, planning permission was granted for the proposal on 29/07/05.

Development now under construction.


New railway station and transport interchange for Adamstown comprising five train platforms and a turn back facility, 300 spaces park and ride car park, bus terminus, 100 space cycle park, taxi waiting areas and car set-down areas. Application is wholly within the Adamstown SDZ.

Planning permission granted on 25/02/05.

Development now under construction.


448 dwellings & supporting road, open space and drainage works on land west of R120 Newcastle Road; upgrading of R120 Newcastle Road; temporary construction access.

Planning permission granted for 407 dwelling units, 330 of which may be completed as part of Phase 1A, on 28 September 2004.

Development now under construction.