SCC do Thiarnaí Talún

The Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)

The Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) was introduced to cater for the accommodation needs of persons who are in receipt of Rent Supplement, normally for more than 18 months, and who have a long-term housing need.

How does RAS work?

  • RAS involves a three-way relationship between:
  • The local authority and the landlord;
  • The landlord and the tenant;
  • The tenant and the local authority.

South Dublin County Council will seek to enter into a contractual arrangement with the landlord to make housing available to RAS for an agreed term. The terms of this contract will be negotiated between the two parties. South Dublin County Council will guarantee the rent on behalf of the tenant and will undertake to make the full payment directly to the landlord.

In most cases there is a tenant in the property who currently receives Rent Supplement and is eligible for RAS. In other cases South Dublin County Council’s Housing Department will nominate a RAS eligible applicant for the accommodation. The applicant will sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement with the landlord. South Dublin County Council’s Housing Department will also be party to this Agreement as guarantor of the rent.