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Lucan Village

Lucan Village

Lucan Village improvement projects

In December 2021 the Council will commence the statutory Part 8 planning application process for the following three projects around Lucan Village:

  1.  The Village Green and Main Street

  • To improve the existing Village Green. To open this historic and important public space to enable better and increased use by the public. Within the Village Green the design improves access to the river, would provide more seating, more usable spaces, safer pedestrian routes and more diverse planting.
  • The scheme also includes a set of public realm improvements to the section of Main Street along the western edge of the Village Green (broadly between AIB and Bank of Ireland). These proposals include more space for seating, pedestrians, and planting. The part 8 does not alter the current traffic movements along this section of road, it would retain servicing for local businesses and on-street parking. However, it is proposed to reduce the number of on-street parking bays in this specific stretch of road. Some parking would be retained and there would also be scope to provide a small number of replacement spaces in close by.
  1.  The Weir side

  • To improve the public area along the edge of the river Liffey. To create more opportunities for seating, more planting and to provide for the ability to have occasional and managed market stalls or events in this location. There is an historic Part 8 already approved to provide new and improved stepped access from the Lucan bridge down the Weir side as well as improvements at the entrance to the Wier side via Watery Lane. These works are not included within this Part 8 but would be delivered alongside this Wier side Part 8 proposal.
  1.  The Lucan Demesne entrance

  • To provide an improved arrival point at this important entrance to the Lucan Demesne Park. The proposed works include better public realm, more seating, planting, improved materials, new artwork and an enhanced entrance into the Demesne.  

 The Council appointed a design team to support the preparation of these proposals. As part of this work, the Council initially engaged with local ACM Councillors, with local businesses and with interested groups in May 2021 on the early concept ideas. In June of this year a series of on street and on-line surveys were carried out, which gathered the views of nearly 500 people. These initial meetings and surveys were used to inform the next stage of design. In August and September, the Council held another set of briefings with local ACM Councillors on the emerging work. Then in October the Council held three virtual meetings with public representatives, local businesses and groups to discuss the emerging preferred design. As part of these meetings the Council took feedback on this emerging work and is now finalising designs to support a planning application.

 A report was made to the November County Council meeting giving notice to the Councillors that the public consultation process would commence before the end of the year.

 Separate to these three planning applications, the Council are at the very early stages of considering a trial along Main Street between the Village Green and the River Liffey Bridge for a short period of time during 2022. The purpose of this trail is to assess the potential to provide improved public spaces for the benefit of pedestrians and businesses along this section of the Main Street. This proposal is currently only at concept stage. When a draft design is ready next year, the Council will discuss this with Councillors, local businesses, and stakeholders. Following this, if a suitable design can be prepared it would be trialled for a period of months to assess its success or not. This trial is not part of these three Parts 8 planning proposals.