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Water and Drainage Considerations

Submission of Planning Applications - Water & Drainage Considerations
All proposed developments submitted for planning in South Dublin County Council shall conform to the following documents:

and the GDSDS policy documents , in particular the following: 

GDSDS Policy 2: New Development (PDF, 6.1 MB)
GDSDS Policy 3: Environmental Management (PDF, 100 MB)
GDSDS Policy 5: Climate Change (PDF, 6.4 MB)

Information on Public Water Mains & Sewers
Please contact the Drainage Design Section where maps are available on request at (01) 4149000 Ext. 4275/4228 and also To arrange a connection to water supply or sewer, please call the Water and Drainage Section at (01) 4149211.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) 
The Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study (GDSDS) was completed in 2005 and involved the seven Local Authorities of the Greater Dublin Area. The study carried out an in depth assessment of the Dublin’s drainage system. In addition to the extensive analysis of the drainage systems and the data collection that was carried out, the output also provided five policy documents. One of these was an Environmental Policy, a second dealt with drainage of New Developments and a third on Climate Change. These three documents focused on the design approach and criteria for new drainage. The objective of these three policy documents was to ensure that any future development did not continue the trend towards increasing flooding in the city and pollution of the rivers. 

Drainage design in the past has been extremely simple using a rational method to size pipes to ensure that surface water is removed as quickly as possible to ensure flooding does not take place. Unfortunately this philosophy is flawed as, in transferring the surface water downstream, it provides the potential for flooding of other areas subject to the capacity further down the system. In addition the pollution in the wash-off from the urban environment is conveyed into the natural environment. 

To provide an alternative method of drainage which does not have these failings therefore requires a completely new approach. “Best Management Practices” (BMPs) is a commonly used term throughout the world that refers to this new approach to drainage. For some reason this term is not used in UK and Ireland, possibly because the term “drainage” is not included. In the UK and Ireland this practice is referred to as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

SuDS can best be summarised as offering a “total” solution to rainwater management while traditional drainage can be considered as only providing a “collection and disposal” approach.

Dublin City Council commissioned HR Wallingford to develop the web site to provide all the necessary information on SuDS and drainage design criteria and to make information as easily accessible as possible. The website lists a number of articles and papers on SuDs and ICWs. In addition guidance on the application of the design criteria and two on-line tools are provided on the website free of charge. Using this website provides assistance on designing surface water drainage systems. A comprehensive list of hyperlinked web sites are attached to this web site.

SuDS Papers and Articles

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