Culture Night at Castletymon Library

"Palette, Stave, Spire and Verse - The Art of Tallaght in Broad Strokes” by Albert Perris

This year, Castletymon Library will be taking part in Culture Night for the first time: Palette, Stave, Spire and Verse - The Art of Tallaght in Broad Strokes, by Albert Perris. Friday the 22nd of  September at 18:30.

Join us while we open the doors on a Friday evening for a special local history talk, where Albert will guide us through the life and work of artists connected with Tallaght, exploring the  contributions made by writers, poets, painters, stained-glass window makers, sculptors and more. Anybody who has been to a talk by Albert Perris knows what calibre of a night to expect - join us for a delve into the artists who were shaped by Tallaght and the creations they inspired!

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