Reference Resources

Whether you need help with a project, are researching companies, doing your homework or finding out about the area you live in, South Dublin Libraries have the resources you need to complete your task. Some of the information will be on the books shelves of your local South Dublin branch, but increasingly it is available online and will be authoritative and up to date. To use these online resources you will need your D4 South Dublin library card and PIN.

Business Information

For UK and Irish companies' information wherever you are, you can use Vision-net.

For research on market sector and companies, you can use on the public access PCs in our libraries.

Local Studies

For information on where to find relevant local history information, maps, and images, visit our local studies page.

Family Research

Researching your family history is very rewarding but the hardest part is deciding where to start. Our family research page provides a wealth of resources and information to help you.

Homework Help

The Online Library Edition includes the complete encyclopaedia with more than 72,000 searchable articles and related websites selected by Encyclopaedia Britannica Editors. The database is updated constantly by Encyclopaedia Britannica staff. This resource requires your library card number to gain access. It has a handy tool for saving citations into your project or essay and articles can be printed.
Encyclopdedia Britannica is split into 3 age related sections:
Junior for ages 5-10,
Student for 10-14,
Full section for young adults and adults.