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Construction Products Regulation

Construction Products Regulation

European Union(Construction Products)Regulation 2013

The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) came into force July 2013 Compliance with the regulation has statutory enforcement requirement. The CPR sets out the harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products it will be directly applicable in its entirety in Irish law. The CPR deals particularly with the harmonised technical specifications and specifically to the requirements of individual characteristics of each product. All parties to the supply chain Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Specifiers, Designers and Builders have responsibilities under the CPR.

The National Annexes or Standard Recommendations give guidance on appropriate minimum performance levels for specific intended uses in Ireland. A list of these can be viewed on the NSAI website at;

The builder, developers should ensure compliance with the Building Regulations, in this regard all works should be carried out using “proper materials…which are fit for the use for which they are intended and for the conditions in which they are to be used” to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations. For further information on the Building Regulations see

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