Post Primary Schools

The Road Safety Officer (RSO) and Gardaí visit secondary schools during the term.  The primary target audience in second level is Transition Year (TY) or Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) classes.  Special hard-hitting programmes were delivered to 6th Year (Leaving cert) students at the beginning of the school term in September. The following is a list of second level programs.

  • Streetwise
    This RSA based program is delivered to the Junior Cert cycle.  It focuses on Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclist, safety belts and speeding.
  • It won’t happen to me!
    This Garda based program is hard hitting, graphic and very effective
  • ‘Your Road to Safety’
    The RSO links in with TY & LCA Coordinators to deliver this RSA led program.
  • ‘Drive 4 Life’
    The RSO links in with the Drive 4 Life co-coordinator to deliver this graphic and effective program.

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