SDCC 30 year Anniversary Report

25 Jun 24

South Dublin County Council’s Chief Executive’s Report is presented to elected members at Council every month and details important achievements across our various departments whilst highlighting key statistics and images from events that took place that month. The report also highlights major news pieces and puts a focus on an area of the Council that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

This month's report includes news on-:

  • 30 Years of SDCC - With this year seeing the 30th anniversary of the creation of South Dublin County Council, we take a look back at the move to Tallaght in 1994.
  • From 1994 to Now - As well as the formation of South Dublin County Council, 1994 saw significant social, cultural and political moments in Ireland and around the world. We also look at various political and population changes in South Dublin since 1994
  • Celebrating 33 Years of Service - With both stepping down after 33 years of service, we sat down with Councillors Guss O’Connell and Charlie O’Connor to get their thoughts on the past 30 years in South Dublin.
  • Tallaght From Above -  Then and Now 16 Images from the Past 30 Years

You can download or view a copy of the Chief Executive's Report by Clicking here