Traveller Pride – Beady Pockets Project

24 May 24

To celebrate Traveller Pride Week 2024 in South Dubin County Council the Council are delighted to announce that the Traveller Accommodation Unit and South Dublin Libraries in partnership with our local Community Development Groups in Tallaght and Clondalkin, with the support of Primary Schools on a project to celebrate the history of the Traveller Community in our County.  Over the next twelve months children from local schools in the Clondalkin and Tallaght areas, will have the opportunity to celebrate, explore and celebrate Traveller history in South Dublin. This project will give members of the Traveller and wider community, both young and old, an opportunity to share, develop and illustrate their history, reliving the stories from traditional sites, individuals past and present, folklore and creative expressions.

To further celebrate Traveller Culture in our County -

The provision of a play area in Owendoher Haven Traveller Specific Accommodation was designed to reflect the traditions of the Traveller Community and to improve the environment in which the children are living, to promote inclusion whilst focusing on imaginative and active play, providing opportunities for group and natural play and a range of accessible equipment.