New appeal by SDCC for vacant properties to house Ukrainian people

24 Nov 22

South Dublin County Council is appealing to those who have fully vacant, unoccupied properties to offer them as temporary homes for those fleeing war in Ukraine. 

This call is part of a new government initiative, led by local authorities, to make use of unoccupied houses, apartments or holiday homes to house Ukrainian people and families.

A tax-free recognition payment of €800 per month is available for properties used to house those arriving from Ukraine. This payment rate applies from December 1st, 2022.

More than 60,000 people have arrived in Ireland from Ukraine seeking shelter and safety. The vast majority need accommodation.

Under this new programme, South Dublin County Council will take offers of houses, apartments, or holiday homes for temporary accommodation, liaise with owners to assess suitability, and arrange for their use by Ukrainian people and families. This call does not apply to partially occupied or shared accommodation

Property owners can offer homes at or by contacting the local authority in which the property is located.

Those who offer a property can expect to be contacted by the local authority within five working days of making their offer and an assessment of the property will be carried out by the local authority shortly thereafter. The assessment is to ensure the property is habitable and to get details so it can be matched to the most appropriate person or family.  

Anybody who offers a property will be able to check the status of their offer at any stage through the website   

This is a call for stand-alone properties that are not occupied by others. Properties should be in liveable condition and, ideally, available for at least 6 months.

While rent will not be payable to those who offer properties, a tax-free recognition payment of €800 per month is available from the Department of Social Protection to those who offer accommodation to Ukrainians.

Appealing to the people of South Dublin County Council to offer unused properties, Colm Ward Director of Housing and Community Services asks everyone with eligible properties to engage.

“Irish people have shown incredible support for the people of Ukraine. We know that people are very anxious to help where they can so we’re appealing to anybody who has a house, apartment, or holiday home that they’re not presently using to consider offering it to those who need shelter and safety from war.

“We understand that it can be daunting to offer a property to someone you don’t know. That is why local authorities will work with you throughout the process and be there to offer support while your property is being used.

“If you have a property that is otherwise going to be empty this winter, please consider offering it for those who badly need a safe home for a while,” 

To offer a property or for more information, visit



Direct line: 01 4149295