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Understanding how our Businesses contribute to Climate Change

Commercial buildings such as offices, retail outlets, warehouses, restaurants, bars and cafes are responsible for an estimated 1.4% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland every year, however in an urbanised area like South Dublin the share of emissions is higher.

Energy costs can be one of the main impediments to business profitability. Reducing and changing the energy use of every business can bring financial savings and increase competitiveness in the long term. Taking climate action can garner or maintain positive business reputations as governments, markets, clients, and consumers move in this direction.


Actions Business Can Take

Not all businesses are the same and what your business can do to improve energy efficiency will depend on lots of factors. While larger businesses in the County may have in-house expertise, we recognise that smaller organisations need more assistance. However, it is possible for businesses of any size and from any sector to make changes which benefit the climate and the business in the face of higher energy costs.

There are lots of guides and resources available from a range of organisations, which have been prepared to inform and advise businesses. All you need to do is find the one that works for you.

South Dublin County Council offers assistance through a number of initiatives, some of them exclusive to the county.


South Dublin Sustainable Business Scheme

The South Dublin Sustainable Business scheme is available to businesses in the county.

Signing up to the initiative offers small businesses

  • the opportunity to get a free professional climate and environmental assessment. This assessment will help you to see the changes your business can make across the key areas of energy, waste and water. Making changes in these areas can bring financial savings. The assessment will act as the beginning of a long-term roadmap for future-proofing your business.
  • the chance to be part of a larger network of businesses in the county working to improve their sustainability.

To find out more email us at

Green for Micro

The Green for Micro scheme is delivered through the Local Enterprise Office and aims to prepare businesses with up to ten employees for a low carbon future.

The scheme offers expert advice on how to drive sustainability. Comprising 2 days of mentoring, businesses will receive a sustainability report of their operations and a plan of how to improve.

Contact the South Dublin Local Enterprise Office for more information: