South Dublin County Council supporting inclusivity in the classroom with dyslexia-friendly books

30 Sep 21

Through the support of South Dublin County Council and Libraries, primary schools in the County have received a set of 4 dyslexia-friendly children’s books, the ‘Nature’s Adventures’ collection about Irish wildlife.


Dyslexia affects, on average, 3 children in every class of 24.  In addition to the significant increase in the awareness and understanding of the challenges faced, this initiative is an additional resource available for the children themselves.

Speaking about the dyslexia-friendly elements of the book’s design and layout, author Shane Casey says, ‘they’re only little changes, but they make a huge difference. We use a combination of special font, colour schemes, and layout to make it easier for children with dyslexia to read’.

To strengthen their educational value, the books are accompanied by support materials for teachers.

Mayor Peter Kavanagh added “I am delighted to see these books will be in our primary schools.  Reading is a fantastic journey to amazing worlds, and dyslexia is all too often a locked door. These books could be the key to new adventures for many boys and girls.”


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