Willsbrook Road Phase 3 Cycle Scheme

Willsbrook Road Phase 3 is part of the Willsbrook Road Cycle Improvement Scheme that runs from the Fonthill Road to Griffeen Road – a total length of 2.5km. Willsbrook Road Phase 3 is a follow on from Phases 1 and 2.

Phase 1 was completed successfully in December 2015 and involved the alteration of the Griffeen Way / Griffeen Rd Roundabout and Castle Road / Willsbrook Rd Roundabout to make them pedestrian and cyclist friendly.

Phase 2 involved the alteration of the roundabout at Elmbrook Avenue / Willsbrook Road Junction; installation of zebra crossings on all four arms of the roundabout; junction treatments for all junctions on Willsbrook Road between Castle Road and Elmbrook Avenue; new shared footpath / cycle track on the northern side of Willsbrook Road between Castle Road and Elmbrook Avenue; new shared footpath / cycle track on the east side of Elmbrook Avenue between Willsbrook Road and Esker Lane; junction treatment of the Esker Lane / Elmbrook Avenue Junction; and other various road markings. Phase 1 & 2 have been well received as evidenced by the increase of vulnerable road (pedestrians and cyclists) using the roundabouts and shared footpaths / cycle tracks.

Procurement of construction for Phase 3 is now being finalised. The project consists of the upgrade of road traffic, pedestrians and cycle facilities at the junction of the Outer Ring Road (R136), Ballyowen Road and Willsbrook Road. The project will involve installation of the pedestrian crossing facilities north of the junction, provision of cycle tracks through the junction and the upgrade of traffic signals and public lighting. New section of wider and safe cycle tracks will be constructed on Willsbrook Road and Ballyowen Road starting at St Andrews Drive Junction and terminating at Ballyowen Drive Junction. Construction of this Phase is scheduled to commence this summer (2016) and should take approximately 6 months, this work is subject to availability of funding.

The proposed works are consistent with the design philosophy of the National Transport Authority (NTA), where cycle and pedestrian facilities are significantly enhanced and where the emphasis on vehicular capacity and speed is downgraded resulting in a more sustainable and attractive urban environment. The proposed scheme is funded by the NTA.

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