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Ethics Declarations

Ethics Declarations

Ethics Declarations (Part 15 Declarations)

Each Member of the South Dublin County Council must make an Ethics Declaration of property and interests each year. A copy of the returns for each year are available through the links below.

Members Annual Ethics Declarations for 2019:

Councillor Alan Edge
Councillor Alan Hayes
Councillor Baby Pereppadan
Councillor Breeda Bonner
Councillor Brendan Ferron
Councillor Brian Lawlor
Councillor Brian Leech
Councillor Carly Bailey
Councillor Cathal King
Councillor Charlie O’ Connor
Councillor Conor McMahon
Councillor Cora McCann
Councillor Danny O’Brien
Councillor David McManus
Councillor Deirdre O’Donovan
Councillor Dermot Looney
Councillor Dermot Richardson
Councillor Ed O’Brien
Councillor Emer Higgins
Councillor Emma Hendrick
Councillor Emma Murphy
Councillor Eoin O Broin
Councillor Francis Duffy
Councillor Francis Timmons
Councillor Guss O’Connell
Councillor Joanna Tuffy
Councillor Jonathan Graham
Councillor Kenneth Egan
Councillor Kieran Mahon
Councillor Liam Sinclair
Councillor Liona O’Toole
Councillor Louise Dunne
Councillor Madeleine Johansson
Councillor Mark Ward
Councillor Martina Genockey
Councillor Mary Seery-Kearney
Councillor Mick Duff
Councillor Mick Murphy
Councillor Pamela Kearns
Councillor Patrick Pearse Holohan
Councillor Paul Foley
Councillor Paul Gogarty
Councillor Paula Donovan
Councillor Peter Kavanagh
Councillor Robert Russell
Councillor Ronan Mc Mahon
Councillor Ruth Nolan
Councillor Sandra Fay
Councillor Sarah Holland
Councillor Shane Moynihan
Councillor Teresa Costello
Councillor Trevor Gilligan
Councillor Vicki Casserly
Councillor William Carey
Councillor William Lavelle
Councillor William Priestley
Councillor Yvonne Collins

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