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Regulation of Lobbying

Regulation of Lobbying

Section 6(4) of the Lobbying Act 2015 requires each public body to publish a list of designated Public Officials of the body.  The purpose of the list is twofold:

  • To allow members of the public to identify those persons who are designated public officials; and
  • As a resource for lobbyists filing a return to the Register who may need to source a designated public official’s details.

A full list of Designated Public Officials and Councillors is available on the attached links.

Designated Public Officials Executive

Designated Public Officials Councillors

Strategic Policy Committees

The purpose of Strategic Policy Committees is to formulate, develop, monitor and review policies which relate to the functions of South Dublin County Council and to advise the Council accordingly. There are six strategic policy committees as outlined below:

  • Arts, Culture, Gaeilge, Education and Libraries SPC
  • Economic Development, Enterprise and Tourism SPC
  • Environment, Public Realm and Climate Change SPC
  • Housing SPC
  • Social and Community SPC
  • Land Use, Transportation and Planning SPC

Additional information in relation to the membership of the above committees as well as the agendas and minutes are available on the attached links.

Membership of Strategic Policy Committees

SPC Agendas and Minutes

Further information in relation to the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 is available at

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