22/07/21 15:00 - 15:00

Summer Stars : Master of Monsters Writing Workshop with Dave Rudden

Ever wanted to learn how monsters are made?

About this event

Join award-winning author Dave Rudden (Knights of the Borrowed Dark, Doctor Who) as he shows you how to create the perfect villain for your story. From evil schemers to bestial brutes, Dave will give you everything you need to create a memorable monster, whether you want to write books, TV, games or comics. We'll dissect (not literally, it'd be a bit messy) popular villains like Loki, Frankenstein, Thanos and more to see what makes them tick, as well as talk about how to introduce your villain as well as how to defeat them at your story's end.

This online workshop is suitable for writers 9 and over, and all you'll need is paper and a pen.

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