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SDCC Draft Climate Action Plan 2024-2029

The Draft South Dublin County Council Climate Action Plan 2024 – 2029 has been published and is currently out on public consultation.

The draft plan, which was framed by the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act 2021 and the National Climate Action Plan 2023, responds to the continuing challenges presented by climate change and lays out South Dublin County Council’s (SDCC) course of action over the five-year lifetime of the plan, with these next five years being vital for meaningful climate action.

This local response speaks to International, European and National efforts to deliver on climate ambition and action, in the context of rapidly evolving strategies and plans at all levels.

With this Draft Climate Action Plan the Council aim to continue to lead on reducing our greenhouse (GHG) emissions, while planning for new and future climate related risks and impacts. This plan aims to build on our experience of delivering the previous Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) 2019-2024, which established a strong foundation of climate action in South Dublin and enables informed, ambitious actions to be developed for this plan.

The Draft Draft Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 is centred around actions that collectively address the four key targets of this plan:

  • 50% improvement in the Council’s energy efficiency by 2030;

  • 51% reduction in the Council’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030;

  • To make Dublin a climate resilient region, by reducing the impacts of future climate change-related events;

  • To actively engage and inform our communities on climate action.

The Draft Climate Action Plan is available to view here.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Draft Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 is available to view here.

The Natura Impact Report for the Draft Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 is available to view here.

To make a submission please visit our dedicated consultation portal here.

The cover of SDCC's Draft Climate Action Plan 2024-2029